Persuasive Post: Fast+Food=Numminess

Blog Challenge 6

I believe that probably everyone and everything around the world would agree that they love food. If they don’t then they’re either dead, going to die, or are liars (no one likes a liar). Anyway, the food I think tastes the best is fast food. I pretty much like all fast food restaurants with their grade D meat and heart attack-promoting nummie food, but Taco BellĀ® tastes awful. That is the only fast food restaurant that I can’t stand. Otherwise, all the fatty foods of America’s fast food restaurants are great tasting. This is why I think everyone should appreciate at least one fast food restaurant (just one, or 10).

2 thoughts on “Persuasive Post: Fast+Food=Numminess

  1. Hello. I’m Connor. I don’t like Taco Bell either, but then again I don’t even like Tacos. I do like most fast food restaurants, but I don’t go to many of them very often because I’ve heard they’re not very good for you and they seem addicting. My favourite is Dairy Queen mostly because I love ice cream. What’s your favourite fast food restaurant?

  2. Thanks for commenting Connor. I’d have to say that my favorite fast food restaurant is Culvers, which is a fast food franchise native to Wisconsin. They use real Wisconsin cheese to make all their food. ^-^

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