Internet Safety is Key

Blog Challenge 6

It is very important to be aware of predators and cyber bullies on the internet. You should be extremely careful about the information you give out on the world wide web because ANYONE can see it (even if you think they can’t). Sometimes, when you think you’ve deleted something, it’s actually still out there for everyone’s eyes because someone else has kept it without you knowing. When someone tries to get personal information from  you, you should ignore them and block them if possible. Exchanging personal information is extremely dangerous because you could end up being stalked or even kidnapped.

It is also important to report or block people who are harassing you over the internet. Sharing passwords or account information can also be bad, even if it’s your best friend. If you share account information with people, they can steel all of you things or treat others on the internet very badly, making it look like it’s  you. Even if it’s your best friend, you could could get into a fight with them and they could ruin you reputation using your account out of spite or anger. For all internet users out there, remember to be alert and aware of possible predators and cyber bullies.

Remember to keep all personal information a secret and anything you don’t want the world to see OFF the internet. While using the internet, safety is key. =^-^=

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